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Welcome, The PAACT organization is comprised of very capable staff members, who share a common desire to help patients become aware of our present understanding of prostate cancer, to help patients to participate in their own health improvement and to direct them to appropriate physicians and medical centers of excellence for treatment. First time PC or advocacy callers to PAACT requesting information receive the PAACT initial patient package of prostate cancer information. The educational material is designed to provide a quick course in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment options for prostate cancer. Included in the package is the quarterly "Prostate Cancer Communication" newsletter. The caller is then placed on the mailing list for future newsletters.

In addition to the newsletter a vital part of PAACT’s service is communication via telephone, fax and e-mail offering information, encouragement and support to prostate cancer patients, their families, friends and doctors.

The information is furnished without financial obligation. PAACT is a publicly supported 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization that depends solely on voluntary contributions from members and friends. The standard voluntary membership contribution is $55.00 which covers the cost of the initial patient package of PC information. For the patient package of PC information and our "Prostate Cancer Communication" newsletter contact the PAACT office at PO Box 141695, Grand Rapids, MI 49514 or 1143 Parmelee Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Phone 616-453-1477, Fax 616-453-1846, or E-mail paact@paactusa.org.

The goals for PAACT established at its founding have not changed. Until a cure is discovered, patient empowerment through knowledge is the primary mission. In close cooperation with PAACT medical advisory board members, some of whom are on the cutting edge of new and improved treatment modalities, and researching the medical literature, PAACT will continue to identify new developments, and options in PC treatment for the prostate cancer patient. The bottom of the first page of the Cancer Communication newsletter has the following statement: “Let’s Conquer Prostate Cancer in Our Lifetime.” PAACT’s ultimate goal is to help make that statement a reality.

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